Saturday, February 13, 2010

The latest with us

The Latest with us?
Some new snow, a silver medal and two new holes.
In a moment of weakness, the girls broke Daddy down and we all ran to the mall to have little Mia's ears pierced. Although I do think that it is adorable, tradition holds that girls are a bit older, but that tradition seems to get younger and younger every day, so why not three, right? As we ask them a 16, 12 or even eight, the answer is always going to be the same- yes! It is very cute and Mia loves them. She can't wait until she can change them to the other "pink" ones that Mommy got her. She is a little girl through and through!
Brenner finished his winter indoor soccer season and he and his team got second place in the u-10 tournament. It was a very tight game ending with a score of 1-0.Southern Cotton Plants. . . or Georgia Snow?
With this last winter storm we received almost 6 inches on our lawn by the end of the blizzard!!! Wow for Georgia!
The kids played and played and it looked every bit like out west for a day, but it never seems to stick around long here in the South.
A Little snow Devil!
The start of a snow man. What fun! Cayden could not stand it and wanted to spend the whole evening and the next day outside. Crazy boy.

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Smith's said...

Mia is sure cute with those two new holes! Wow I can't believe you received that much snow we have not had that much in one storm for some time.