Monday, April 5, 2010

Innocence lost

Spring time photos

It is full blown spring in Georgia! With spring flowers everywhere, the dogwoods in bloom and also all the "popcorn" trees that Mia keeps trying to tell us are just flowers- what does she know!

Three cute little spring chicks!
The Easter Bunny came as you can see and the first thing out of Brenner's mouth after finding his basket was, "Thanks Mom and Dad"- Innocence Lost! I think it flew right over the heads of the other two, but Cayden has his doubts also. The only childlike innocence left around here anymore is in Little Mia.... LET'S KEEP IT THAT WAY BOYS!!!
Cayden has become a Minute To Win It fan and thinks the new game show is the greatest thing ever! (His Mom and Dad like to watch too!)
The other morning we caught him stacking cups out of the pantry. Who knows, you just might see him on one of the upcoming shows.
Brenner's soccer pictures were last weekend and right after the pictures, they destroyed a team much to Brenner's excitement! Good luck this season Brenner!


The Taylor Family said...

that's funny! The first thing Nathan said when he found his Basket was "mom, how did you know I wanted these things.. Thanks" I immediatly said.. "I didn't get you those things the Easter Bunny did" I am not sure he fell for it.. Garrett could care less as long as there is candy!! glad you guys had a happy easter! we will have to watch that game show! I've seen previews.. looks good!

Team C said...

So nice to know that Beautiful Georgia is blooming. It is Blizzard conditions at the moment. Gotta love Utah. Keep keeping Georgia alive for me!

Smith's said...

Three soccer coaches??? They must take soccer serious out there in Georgia! A coach for each position I guess!

dtbjacobson said...

Wow! Those pictures of the kiddos outside are soo cute!! I'm glad you had a fun Easter.. I wish it was as warm here as it is there! Love you guys!

Christine said...

I am pretty sure Cayden should have been in the talent show. You guys keep your talents hidden. Just wait till I post some of the pictures... Bahahahaha

AprilC - GaFlyGirl said...
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AprilC - GaFlyGirl said...

LOL Adrianna who is 7 now asked me if the Easter bunny was real or a person in a costume.. LOL can't sneak anything past that princess!