Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Nikki!

-Happy Birthday Nikki-
Another year older and wiser for Nikki. All day Mia wanted to know when the party was going to start. She could not wrap her little mind around the idea that Mommy was not going to have what to her constituted a "Real Birthday Party"! Then when Mommy and Daddy left for birthday dinner she said: "I am not invited to your party? That's not fair!"
Even though Mia thinks Mommy got robbed, Nikki did get all she wanted for her birthday- a NOOK. Nikki has become a little book worm over the last several years, reading just about anything she can get her hands on. She decided several weeks back that she wanted to join the ranks of the e-book readers and set her eyes on a Barnes and Nobel NOOK. She shamelessly plugged friends and family for B&N gift cards as gifts this year so she can fill it with e-books. Thanks to all who contributed to her addiction!

Brenner's soccer season came to a close on Saturday. The championship games were so intense that we did not seem pick up the camera to get a picture of him in action, but I love this picture of him and his teammates on the bench. In years past, the "Bench" was a place to go play and goof off until your name was called to go back in. Now it has become a place to rest-up, get a swig of Gatorade and attentively watch and cheer on the team. The boys are growing up! His goal in the second game which tied the game and sent them on to the third round sent shivers down my spine, and to see the look on his face as the other boys run to give celebration "slaps" makes a Daddy almost cry!

Brenner and Cayden also had their spring piano recital and each did a great job with the two songs that they have been practicing for six weeks now. Brenner played "Fire Ants" and "Just a Carefree Day" and Cayden played "In the Hall of the Mountain King" and "The Raven's Call". They did awesome, and Brenner even said how much fun he had playing. Wow, I will have to remind him of that the next time he complains about practicing!
Nikki took Mia and Cayden to the strawberry patch to pick strawberries one night while Brenner and I were at Scouts. These two kids would eat the whole gallon bucket they are holding if they had their choice. Brenner on the other hand has still not had any fruit since he was spoon fed it out of "Gerber" jars! He does get a banana every once in a while when Mommy makes "Nut Bread". If it were called by its full name, he would not touch it either.
Cayden and I worked on his end of school project, a reptile diorama. He loved making a lizard "buddy" out of clay. Nikki had some great ideas- Brown sugar dirt, and melted Jolly ranchers for the water. As you can see, it turned out great!
Cayden and his "Buddy".


Team C said...

You guys have been so busy. I bet you gave Wheezer a run for their money. Happy late birthday Nikki!!, and I sure miss picking our own strawberries!! How fun.

Kenzy said...

Wow! That was quite an update. Happy late birthday Nikki! You seem to always be having so much fun. I sure wish we lived closer so we could see your family in person.

John and Alisa said...

A book worm, huh? Who knew? Is a Nook like Amazon's Kindle?

Smith's said...

Yum... an diorama you can eat after it is graded. What an awesome idea. I will have to remember that one when our kids start their dioramas.

Nooki... opps, I mean... Nikki looks like you had a wonderful birthday. You will have to fill us in on your new addiction.

The Smith's said...

Very funny young man! Why didn't I think of that- "Nooki", very clever and funny!!!

dtbjacobson said...

WOWZERS! It's been awhile since I have visited your blog. Life has been nuts for us! Nikki... do you love your Nook? I got a Kindle for our anniversary and love it!
Brenner looks so big sitting there playing the piano!
Hope all is going well with you guys! love ya- TARA