Friday, July 9, 2010

Forth of July FUN!

Fourth of July FUN!
We had a great Independence Day with family and friends. The Georgia summer heat gave way for the weekend and the temps in the 80's gave us all some "Independence" from the heat and humidity.
There was plenty of Red, White and Blue, a traditional water balloon fight and as always, great summer cook-out food!
Here the kids are having a picnic in the backyard.
Mia and Morgan clapping in approval of the Cul-de-sac firework display- The boys were busy lighting them of course- little fire bugs!!!
And oh what would the Fourth of July be without cold and creamy homemade ice-cream!!! YUMMY!!!
Politically correct or not- the little southern rebel with her Confederate flag.
And the night ended with the always spectacular firework display at the front gates of Tara. We are always right underneath them, but this year the wind seemed to blow lots more spent cartridges and firework sparks our way. Someone said: maybe next year we should sit further back..... I said: are you kidding, I'll be right here in this exact spot again 365 days from now. There is nothing like feeling the pound in your chest as they explode so close and right above you... sparks and debree only add to the experience!!!
And just a side note:
Not to be out done by the bangs and crashes of the fourth, I wrapped the bumper of the Armada around a mini-van several days later. Just as with the fourth, there was also a bang and crash and some debree thrown around, it just was not as exciting or fun- but that is life I guess.... Some times it unexpectedly crashes. No one was hurt and we now are driving a fancy red rental Mini-Van until the Armada gets it's face back! "Yeah" said the kids as it has two TVs and video game hookups!


John and Alisa said...

Ouch! I thought my Armada was hurt...I backed into our garbage can and shattered the big red light in the back. I think yours takes the cake!

Smith's said...

Looks like a fun filled 4th of July. I hope your Armada looks worse than it actualy is! Just glad no one was hurt.

Kenzy said...

Your fourth of July bash looked fun. I love the idea of the tradition of making ice cream. YUM! Sure wish you guys lived closer.