Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Ends & School Begins

The kids all had dentist appointments the same day we picked up the Armada from the auto body shop so everyone got clean new smiles and "GRILLS".
The last several weeks of summer were filled with fun. We went to the Zoo to see the new baby giraffe, up to the lake to do some jet-skiing with friends and planned many play dates and several last summer sleepovers. With all this, Cayden still found some time to let us know that he was bored and we were waisting his summer! School can't come soon enough I guess for ungrateful little children! =)
Soaking in Lake Lanier.
Billy Bob Huckabee (AKA- Cayden) with his front tooth missing. It has changed the look of his face and also his speech, he slurs and whistles as he talks like a Appalachian hillbilly.
Brenner with all his books.
And Mia has started Ballet and Tap dancing and she loves it. She and her friends Morgan and Lindsay are all in the same class, so I hope they can focus on their foot work and tapping instead of their goofing and talking!
Mommy made the kids a first day of school big breakfast to start them off right (with daddy it is usually cold cereal or grits if they are lucky). Mia is holding a hippo that her teacher gave each child at orientation and asked that they bring them back on the first day of school named and ready to learn. After many name suggestions that started with the letter "H" to go with hippo, Mia decided on "Sparkles" so sparkles it is!
Three kids (and Sparkles) all ready for school.
Mia's last moment of freedom for the the next 16+ years to come. It is great to have two body guards with her at all times as she goes to school. Well make that one protector as Cayden may look the other way or throw her under the bus, Ya just never know! Day two and Mia's first school bus ride. As you can tell by the look on her face, she has been waiting for this moment for some time. That is really all she has wanted to do for the last several years is "ride the big yellow bus"!


The Taylor Family said...

Wow! The kids look so happy to go back to school.. was their summer that bad!! Mia's PreK class sounds awesome!! Glad you all had a great summer!!

John and Alisa said...

Cute pictures. I cannot believe ALL your kiddos are in school now!!! What are you going to do during the day?!?! :) One question...It looks like the boys are wearing undershirts on their first day of school. Tell me that is not so. In the middle of August in Georgia's heat and hummidity? Must be preparing them for when they will be wearing G's, right? :)

Smith's said...

Mia looks excited to get on that bus, but Brenners face reflects a somewhat different sentiment... "BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO SCHOOL, TO PROVE TO DADDY THAT I'M NOT A FOOL." Sounds like you packed the last few weeks off summer full of fun!

Christine said...

I can not believe that little Mia is in Pre K already. Its so nice to have em all at the same school though enjoy!