Monday, March 21, 2011

Pine Wood Derby

Pine Wood Derby

The boys and their cars.

Out of 17 boys, they drew numbers that were competitors for the first race, what luck for the Daddy who built (helped!?!) the cars. To Daddy's surprise, Brenner's car barely squeaked out the win and sent Cayden to the losers bracket, but not for long as his car was still very fast!

Brenner took lining his car up on the track very seriously. This is the second to last race, and the red car ended up with 1st place.

Cayden cheering his car on to victory in his third race. In the end, Brenner ended up with 3rd and Cayden with 5th place. Not to bad for a 17 car heat... but there is always next year!

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John and Alisa said...

Ours is this Saturday. I say "ours" cuz our ward is letting the scouts race first, then making a ward activity out of it. So we are having a big lunch, and they will then let anyone who made a car race (rumor has it they are even going to put in a loopty-loop into the track at that point). So we have two boy cars and two girly cars ready to race. I see you ordered the fancy blue tires for Brenner's car.....very nicely done. :)