Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nikki's All Girl Cruise

In October Nikki left on her first "Girl Trip", and I don't mean she went to the movies with the girls- No... She went on a cruise with them! All the other guys seemed ok with the whole thing, but I can't lie, It made me a bit jealous.

Formal Night.

Looks like they all had lots of fun.
Nikki at the Roulett Table. She was "way up" in the winnings (you may need to ask her about that), but ended up losing it all!

The Girls in front of their ship.

This weekend all the "family" that she left behind =) went camping again and had a great time too, although Daddy forgot the camera so no pictures! So I guess in the end we all had fun.

So when is the "Guy Trip" Planned.... Oh yeah.... NEVER!!! =)


John and Alisa said...

All I have to say is "Whaaaaaa". Go Girls!

Anonymous said...

Soo much fun!!! Gentry stop pouting, you'll get a turn (someday).
Fun new pics!!

Maree Allred said...

Good for you, Nikki! Looks like fun. Maybe next time, Gentry... ;)