Monday, May 14, 2012

-Summer Trips-
School is out in a week or so for the summer and as we spent our Vacation wad on going to Utah this spring, allot of Camping is ahead of us this summer.  I had the grand idea to visit as many Southern States with our new little camping trailer as possible in 2012 and we are kicking it off with a trip to Tennessee the end of this month.  We will go to a neat cave and do a little spelunking, see some great waterfalls and have some good old camping fun!  Alabama is planned for the second week in June and Florida is planned for the end of the month.  North and South Carolina in July and possibly Kentucky and Virginia by Fall! We will see. Throughout the summer, Nikki has Monday and Tuesday off which gives us a three/four day weekend each and every week until August.  So we my just visit Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana too!
The kids are also all signed up to be manta rays on a local swim team and with scout camps, Mia's Birthday and everything that summer has to offer it looks to be very busy!


Maree Allred said...

Wow, sounds like you guys will be busy! We look forward to seeing pictures!

Anonymous said...

That little camper will be put to work for sure!! Good Times!

The Kipper Family said...

Sounds like so much fun!!!
Hope you can make it to Louisiana. We would love to see you all!

Kenzy said...

You guys are so adventurous! Keep us posted on your fun Summer.