Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Trip #4- Florida

Summer Trip #4
Panama City Beach, Florida
 The Traditional beach "foot photo".
 All of us out on the best balcony we have ever had- 19 stories up!
The view was just amazing!
 The Kids and the sunset. Very pretty the first and last day, Stormy the two in between.
Cold slushie drinks- Cheers!
 Feeding the birds off the balcony. It came to an end when we got a knock at the door telling us it was against the law to throw anything over the rail. Ops- but it was very cool while it lasted. 
 Brenner and Daddy in the ocean.
 The kids in a big hole that Cayden dug.
 Brenner buried in the sand.
 All of us with the sunset in the back the last day.
 Daddy with a plate of one of his favorite things at the all you could eat buffet.
Mommy and Mia enjoying everything the beach has to offer!

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Maree Allred said...

Beach vacations are so nice because you can just relax--you're not in a rush to see and do everything. Glad you guys had a great time!