Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012
 As this is the last post of 2012, I can't believe that the year is over!
The kids loved the pajamas sent by Bing, the blankets sent by Grams and the Stompies were a big hit too!
 Cookies and milk for Santa and no carrots for the deer so we left out some broccoli. 
 Oh- Santa Came!
 The Big Gift this year were Kindle Fires for all!
Mia also got doll clothes, markers, a cash register and stuff to wring up and lots of candy.
Brenner got a paint sprayer, books, and a how to fold origami book.
 Cayden also got a watch, books and Skylanders! 
 The Traditional breakfast by Mommy! 
Blaine and Madelyn at the mall the day after with Mimi and Granddaddy- spending the money they received for Christmas on what else- LEGOS!

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