Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Georgia Friends
 This group of people (and as I type, many emotions come very close to the surface) are some of the best in our lives! We have grown very close to them all over the many great years we spent in Georgia. All are from the Monroe Ward Era (the best of our lives) and as we look into each and every face, there are so many wonderful memories that we will cherish forever!  The Taylor's, Thomas's, Brown's, Harper's, Carter's and Allred's- All names we will forever remember.  Thank you all for so very much!!!  Great memories with each of you and as a group, with kids and with out.  As you all remember during my brief (yeah right) remarks and memories at our great "Going Away" party, I can be quite emotional, and I am getting that way now so I will just end it with-

 The kidos at Stevi B's Pizza.
 Maybe the last picture of Brenner, Weston and James- Who knows?
 -The Girls-
 -The Boys-
And thank you so much to Marie for this picture, because as I look at it it truly makes me smile as it truly captures all the pure joy, fun, emotion, and love this group shares- it will truly be missed in our lives!
Farewell For Now Friends- 
Until We See Ya All Again! 

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Maree Allred said...

We miss you guys already!! Thanks for all of the great memories! Hopefully we'll catch up sometime back in Utah...