Wednesday, January 29, 2014

House Update
-End of January... Move in date passed by two weeks-
 Our beautiful tile arrives
 Case and Base and Shelving
 Our doors and banister stuff- Very Nice!
 The kids holding up some Master Bath tile
 Cayden and the Hardy Board exterior- very excited- NO STUCCO!
 We decided that we wanted the Washer and Dryer on the opposite wall and what a mess!
 Laddie comes for a visit!
 Once again, Cayden is always my go to guy for a quick visit to the house!
Playing in a large pile of Sawdust on the Kitchen Floor!
 Tile work in Master Bath- 
Did we make the right choice? Ya never know until it is up!
I think it is wonderful!!!
 Yeah- we have "real" stairs!
 Case and Base and doors hung- even shelves in the Pantry!
Slow down for crying out loud... Right!
A picture of aunt Alisa out front-

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Maree Allred said...

Thanks for the update! I always love seeing houses in progress--so exciting!