Sunday, May 11, 2014

-A Cruise-
Our 15th Anniversary
For our Anniversary this year we joined Alisa and John and Cort and Mandy and decided to all go to San Juan Puerto Rico for eight days in the sun! As we were all married in 1999, it is 15 years for everyone, and what a blast we all had!
 Waterfalls in Saint Kits!
 The Boys on the beach in San Juan.
 And the Girls!
 Walking through Saint Marten.

 Bananas on a tour.
 One night in the dinning room.
We saw it all, Ate it all, Snorkeled it all, Walked it all, Slept it all, Joked it all, Talked till all hours of the night and just had an amazing and truly wonderful time!
Till next time- Can't wait!!!

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Maree Allred said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fun way to celebrate!!