Monday, June 23, 2014

Finishing a Basement
 Oh the fun and joy that is finishing a basement.  
Mia and Daddy and a framing gun- watch out!
 Nikki and a new Jetted Tub! 
The bathroom will be bigger than our Master Bath???
 How did that happen?
 Electrical work.
Only shocked twice!!! 
 Lighting and insulation- Itchy Itchy!!!
 Cort stops by at the sheet rock stage- they both look like they are working- Right!
 My Dad and I hang a sheet on the ceiling.
We don't learn- sheet rock and mud and tape are for the professionals- when will we realize this!

 Stacy helped out so much the last several days- thanks so much!
 The almost finished kitchen.
Carpet- Yay!!!

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Maree Allred said...

Looks great!! And like a lot of work. You guys are troopers!