Monday, December 1, 2014

Merry Christmas
 Mia and Cayden sleeping under the tree- Brenner was absent this year- 14 is too big to do that sorta thing you know!
 The front of the house- Beautiful!
 Fuzzy - but our tree
 Nutcrackers - the one on the end is the new "gingerbread" baker- you will see why in a bit! 
 Our Christmas Village that has gotten very large- 19 houses- we will do 20 and be done but a hospital has not come out yet for Nikki???  Very fun- we love it!
 Now this year Stacy had a great idea to enter the Festival of Trees Ginger Bread Village- we looked around and "I" came up with the idea to do the Salt Lake Temple.  WHY? Why would we take on such a project???
We started and after lots of baking, engineering, frosting making, baking, lighting, candy making, and  even more baking- we ended up with..... 
Truly Beautiful and Amazing!!!
But next year- no way!
And look who showed up riding down a zip line this year! 
Much to Daddy's dismay- an elf on the shelf! And she is a Girl!
Looks like she will reek havoc and mischief around our house for the next 25 days!!!
Mia is elated!!!


Maree Allred said...

Holy. Cow. That gingerbread temple is absolutely amazing!! And yes, you are insane. That is so cool.

Maree Allred said...

Wow, Gentry!! Saw your gingerbread temple in an article from LDS living this morning! Congrats!