Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Trip To UTAH

Yes we made it one the plane finally. Funny story, Gent had made the plane reservations and thought we were leaving Saturday at 6am, but he failed to look at the itinery that said 6pm. Just a little set back. We had to go back home and wait for about 10 hours. The boys were not happy about this little set back, on the way back home Cayden told daddy if he did this again he would give him a knuckle sandwich. I thought of doing that to because we had to get up at 3 am, and with our late night packing we didn't get very much sleep, but such is life. I know we will only make that mistake just once. We will always check our am and pm. Our little mistake caused us not to get to see the Christensen's we had planned to see the afternoon we arrived. Sorry Christensen's. It has been almost exactly two years since we moved. We went over Labor Day, the boys only missed four instead of five days of school. We have a fun filled week planned. First we were going to the cabin for a couple of days, we are going to ride the train to Salt Lake and watch the 3-D movie at the Plantarium, jet skiing, and lots of family time.

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