Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cabin Time!!

We did some R and R on Sunday at Grams and Pa's house, much needed R and R after our full day of travel. We were off to the mountains on Monday. Tara, Darren, and Breanne came with us. Nikki and Tara had lots of fun making hair bows and bracelets. The first day we were there it snowed, can you believe that. It was ok, it didn't stay long. The snow didn't keep us from the great outdoors. We rode the 4-wheelers, did the zip line, and yes ate snow cones, Gent made sure we had a campfire with smores. Pa made sure we had a pretty fire as well. Grams and Pa just put a cool sandbox and that was Cayden's favorite addition to the cabin. They had a money dig and found lots of money. It was just change, now if there would have been large bills I would have been digging in the sand. That would be a good idea next time Grams and Pa. Great fun for all at the cabin.

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