Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Boys will be Boys and The Girls will be Girls
This weekend was kinda different than most for us in that the Boys and the Girls both went their separate ways. Gentry and the boys went on the Father and Son's camp out on Friday night and Saturday morning Mia and I walked in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk in Down Town Atlanta. The weekend was topped off with us all back together for a wonderful Mothers Day!

Mia and I walking in Down Town Atlanta
Trident Imaging Sponsored a group from my work and we had special~ Trident for Ta- Ta's shirts made for our group of 20 or so to wear. As Mia was going to "Stroller" the walk, She also needed a pink shirt so I made one for her to wear with the rest of the girls.

We had a great time and helped a great Cause!

The Boys in the meantime did everything boys do when they get together. The pitched a tent, cooked dinner over a fire, and just goofed around. As a group of Dads and Boys They had a great time in the woods. Brenner even got his first Tick, I right of passage I guess!?!?Home away from Home

Brett, Weston, Brenner and Cayden
Friends, a Fire, a Football and the Freedom of the Forest are all a Boy needs! Breakfast Man/Boy style~ All you can eat Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, and a Pound of Bacon a piece~ how Barbaric!


Christine said...

cute pictures!! You dont look to hot and sweaty, what was you time??? are you sore?

John and Alisa said...

Champa, You look SO good!!! Are you still losing weight? Don't disappear before we see you next. Hee, hee. :)

dtbjacobson said...

Your weekend looks like so much fun! It's soo good to see you guys through your blog. I'm glad you keep it updated so well [almost as good as me! :-) ] That is so awesome that you did the breast cancer walk.. I am a huge fan of that of course! Love you guys

Douglas Info said...

Looks like fun times. Gent were you showing the boys what poison ivy looks like? looks like they were standing in some! :)

Team C said...

How awesome! Good for you walking for Ta Ta's. I am very impressed, and you look fabulous dahling!