Monday, May 18, 2009

A Great Season

~Blue Springs Soccer comes to an end~
Brenner in action!
Brenner has really gotten quite good this year and his games have become so very fun to watch as this is the first year that his team has really "Got It". They understand the rules, know how to pass and play as a team and are having fun playing soccer. Little Cayden's team on the other hand is still running around in a "Pack" and are out only for themselves, but Cayden has done well and enjoys the social side of it all and the game end treats! His friend Kevin from the ward played on his team this year and they had a lot of fun!
Cayden on the line!
The Boys and their end of the Season Medals.
Although it took most of the day to get to the Championship game, it was really fun and very exciting to see Brenner and his team do so well. They lost 1-0 against another very evenly matched team. Just as with the Olympics, I have always thought the Silver Medal is the best looking =). Brenner was very happy with the Silver Medal in his age division out of a 10 team tournament~ he was very excited and so were Mom and Dad!


Jeff Brown said...

Congrats Brenner and Cayden!

dtbjacobson said...

Nice job boys! It wont be long till we are watching our little princess play sports. We are enrolling her in a tumbling class this summer.. I agree, silver is much prettier!