Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little Girl with Little Toad

~Rib bit and Croak~
These cute little toads seem to be all over our yard this year, and the kids have had lots of fun catching and playing with them (although a bit deranged, Gent has hit several with the lawn mower and Brenner has even feed some of the smallest ones to his turtle!?!). As we don't remember seeing them in year's past, we are wondering if it might be a plague, but are not going to go as far as to call it that until the locusts arrive and the Chattahoochee River turns to blood. But Gent has put some red paint over the front door~ just in case! =)
Princess Mia may just be holding her Prince Charming, but as she would not kiss the toad, we will never know for sure! That would be "disgusting" she said.


dtbjacobson said...

She is an absulote doll! She is getting so big. Good thing she didn't kiss him causen she is to young to have a boyfiend anyway :-)What a cute picture. I can't believe all the frogs, that's crazy. Atleast its frogs and not something else (like snakes or mice.. yuck!) I remember when we use to catch frogs up at the beaver damn at the cabin.. good times!

John and Alisa said...

I am glad that plague is in your yard. I like playing in my backyard and wouldn't if it were covered in froggies. My boys would love it though. We can't seem to buy enough firebelly toads to make the boys happy. The last count is three and before going to bed last night they were talking about combinding their last 7 dollars to buy a 4th! Could you just send us a few??? :)

Kenzy said...

That sounds like so much fun for the kids to catch and play with the frogs. She is adorable!

Team C said...

I remember Brett and Brenner going out and catching them at my house. Fun, they are so cute!