Monday, June 29, 2009

Boom Blox 2

Oh the JOY!
As many know of our obsession with the first round of BOOM BLOX, you can only guess, we are ecstatic about the new version! Pick it up~ you won't be disappointed!


dtbjacobson said...

YO! Fix our name, will ya? We're the SON of Jacob, not the SEN of Jacob...sheesh. That game looks way cool...too bad Tara won't let me get a Wii, "You have an XBox...why do you need a Wii?"

The Smith's said...

So Sorry~ We for some reason have always thought it was "sen", but now that you have taught me I will always remember that you are the "Son" of Jacob. =)
So just to be sure~ You say you are Darren the son of Jacob who is the son of Isaac, which makes Abraham your Great Great Grandfather? Sheesh~ I think I got it now. =)