Friday, July 17, 2009


Once upon a time...
Three little girls happened upon some Dress-Up Clothes, and just look what happened!

Other than Halloween, this is Mia's first real encounter with "Dress-Up". I guess with two older brothers, she just has not been exposed to such activities. Notice her eniexpierience with her gown over her purple shirt =), but she did get the pink BLING on her finger to make herself runway ready! Well needless to say, she loves Dress-Up and danced the rest of the night as whoever she thought she was. I guess we need to start collecting some Dress-up items, Yikes!!! Boys are so much easier! I do have to admit that it was very cute to see her dancing with such excitment.

The following picture is included because she is so darn cute but also to make Aunt Tara so very jelous of Mia's footware. Although you can barely see them, YOU know what they are... Bring back any memories? Well, We all know that you still have some just like them in your closet and it is ok if you feel the need to go put them on! =)


John and Alisa said...

Go Mia! I'm sure Tara has shoe envy. Brooke is the one that would join you in a split second. She is OBSESSED with shoes...and yes, she has some just like Tara had and absolutley loves them.

dtbjacobson said...

Yeah, yeah.. laugh it up! It's not my fault mom gave me those shoes when I was like 12! But just between me and the blog.. I have a whole closet full of these kind of shoes!! :-) But I must admit Mia makes a very cute princess, purple shirt, shoes and all!