Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun

The traditional feast, Hot Chili, Ghost white and Regular with all the fixings, Mimi's corn bread and bubbly drinks (thanks Stephanie for drinking root beer with me and the kids). This year Nikki surprised us all with Chocolate Melting Cake for dessert, Yummy! (The last night of the cruise, the dinning room matradee was handing out the recipe... Anything for an extra tip!) A new tradition perhaps?
The kids in all their Halloween spookiness.
Momma joins in the dress-up fun, sorry kids that daddy is a Halloween dress-up Scrooge! Lots of scary fun!
Funny side note: At most doors, Cayden, who dressed as an army guy was confused as dressing as a hunter. "Got yer deer yet?" they would say- are you kidding me! Maybe if he was wearing bright ORANGE! ONLY IN THE SOUTH my friends, only in the the Beautiful South! =)

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dtbjacobson said...

You are one hot witch Nikki!! You are looking so good! It looks like you guys had lots of fun on Halloween! Yeah, I'm with you Cayden is for sure a army man.. and a cute one at that! Happy Harvest :-)