Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Brenner!
On the 2nd (actual b-day) Brenner finally broke mom and dad down and got some Bakugan stuff for his Birthday. We have held off (except for a free one he got in a happy meal) as long as we could, not seeing the point of these expensive rolling battle brawlers. But now that we have them rolling around and are exposed to them a bit more, daddy does think they are pretty cool.... in a late 80's Transformer kinda way.
Brenner's friend party was the following Friday night and he decided to take some friends to Stevie B's for all they could eat pizza and to the slot-car track for some racing fun.

Six little monkeys at a pizza place.
At the Lego Store in Discover Mills.
ZOOOOOMMMM.......... Lots of smiles at the slot-car track. Full throttle on the straightaways but slow down on those turns boys!
Wow- We now have a 9 year old!


John and Alisa said...

Bakugans are quite fun...and can be addicting for a parent - so watch out! Looks like everyone had fun.

Smith's said...

Looks like Brenner's party was a blast! Bakugans are the rage, Austin seems to go though waves with them. Good to see Mama Mia has a little friend.