Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's New?

What's new around the Smith House?
Mia has been playing with her new friend Morgan who moved onto our street several weeks back. This has been wonderful as there have not been any little girls her age around the neighborhood and now she has a friend that is just the right size down the street.
Brenner just finished another great soccer season and his team did very well once again. He is becoming a soccer pro and is loving every minute of it! Mom and Dad are also getting a "KICK" out of it as the older the boys get, the better the games get. They are lots of fun and exciting to watch!
And Cayden has not taken his nose out of the "Christmas Wish Books" since their arrival last week. He already has his "List" made out, but as things are added and subtracted daily, it is a work in progress! If he only knew that he is only registered for a shipment of coal this year! =)
Ho, Ho, Whatever!

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