Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Camping

What to do when the kids have a long weekend off for Fall Break? Head to the Mountains of course!!!
We planned a fall camp out with several families up at Lake Hartwell and had a great time. It was a bit windy at times, but overall the weather, temps, camp food, and as always the friends were great and added so much to the trip.
The above picture is of breakfast and Ziploc Baggie Omelets- Pass the Ketchup!!!
Lounging on the sand at the lake.
Nikki and Brenner cooking dinner-
Pigs in Blankets.
Daddy and Brenner waiting for the tinfoil dinners to finish cooking.
Always the best meal of the camping trip due to several "tricks" handed down from "Grams"!
The Kid Crew at the beach
Much to Dad's dismay, the Scooter Crew- "Here comes a car, get out of the road" and "Someone is going to get hurt" were said countless times. Luckily all survived- Dangerous Razors!!!
We all love Fall Camping!


The Taylor Family said...

how fun!! i love your family picture.. way better than ours!! glad we all made it out alive with all the kids teeth!! can't wait to go again.. maybe in the spring!!!

dtbjacobson said...

looks like so much fun! We didn't get a chance to go camping this year with pregnancy and a newborn and all... darn! So what is eggs in a ziploc baggie?

Kenzy said...

The area you were camping in looked so beautiful. Camping is so much fun with good friends. Your cute pictures make me want to plan a camping trip.

The Smith's said...

Well only the next best thing for camping food after the tinfoil diner! You mix in a pie tin two or three eggs, add bacon and/or sausage (pre-cooked), Diced onion, cheese, even peppers or mushrooms if you like. Mix all together and dump into a Ziploc baggie. Place the baggies in a pot of boiling water and in no time you have a "Ziploc Baggie Omelet"! Have some ketchup ready and you are all set! Yummy!