Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hurray for Bean and Bacon!

This post may seem strange to many, but most friends and family know of the one extremely picky eater in our family.
Yes, Brenner!
It seems we never all eat the same thing for dinner unless of course it is Pizza Night- And that, we all can agree on! Brenner has been very picky from almost day one and we are always making a second meal of some kind (carbohydrates) for him to eat. Why? Who knows? Maybe this is revenge from above for what I put my parents through growing up (extremely choosy too!) Well we found another thing that we all enjoy together- Bean and Bacon Soup and Saltine Crackers! As this is a staple to all the Smiths (we were brought up on it), it may seem strange that we just seemed to stumble upon it again, but boy are we glad we did!
Dinner is served again, and out of one pot!!!
And dang, for a $2.50 family size can and a sleeve of saltines, it satisfies the budget at the same time!


John and Alisa said...

Yummo! Nothing like a big bowl of Bean and Bacon soup with LOTS of crubled up crackers soaking in it. My kids all love it too...just not John. So we open him a can of nasty Tomato Soup.

dtbjacobson said...

Breanne and I love it as well, but Darren hates it! It totally must be a smith thing! Glad Brenner is broadening his horizons! :-)

Smith's said...

I love "CRACKERS" with bean and bacon soup too. When I am done adding a package of crackers it lookes more like a paste rather than a soup though. Yum yum!!! What a sodium fix!