Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas under the tree!

Christmas under the tree!
Here is the picture of the kids sleeping under the Christmas Tree!
Christmas is in full swing!
Thank you to all who have been so very supportive over the last month. Your prayers, fasting and thoughts have all helped more than you will ever know!
A special thanks goes out to the Douglas and Smith families for their support, Family is truly the greatest!


The Kipper Family said...

So fun! We are here to help whenever you need it. So glad things have calmed down. We love you guys!!

Kenzy said...

I hope you guys are doing alright? We just love you guys, and your Christmas card was so cute. Sleeping under the Christmas tree is such a fun idea. I will have to steal that one.

dtbjacobson said...

Merry Christmas!! Our kids would never go to sleep if they got to sleep under the tree.. okay maybe it would be me with no sleep! What a fun tradition. We love you guys and will continue to pray for you!