Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mia started it all off with dancing as an angel in the nutcracker. She did a great job and we think it was worth all the money for costume, recital fees and the extra ticket (as it only came with one) in the end! She truly danced like an angel!
Mommy and her little angel.
As soon as the recital was over we hopped in the packed car and headed south to Florida, stopping at Calaway Gardens to see the lights. As we had skipped last year, this was alot of fun, but cold!
At the beach! Mommy and Mia and their sand castle.
Daddy and the boys sand castle.
Cayden found a turtle at the new mall area. We spent time walking the stores, eating of course, had some ice cream and found a Christmas ornament for our tree! The last night we went to the Olive Garden and Mommy and Brenner went to see Harry Potter while Daddy stayed back at the house with Cayden and Mia and watched a red box.
Their was a lunar eclipse one night that Brenner and I got up at 1:30 to see. It was pretty cool!
One night the kids made gingerbread houses.
The last day at the beach!
The Boys feeding the birds.
Three kids in the heated pool. We had alot of fun, even more relaxation and most of all a great time as a family!
Back at home and the cousin gift swap. We also all opened jamies and had a pajama parade.
Christmas morning and Cayden found the pickle hid in the tree, letting him open the first gift.
Santa Came!
Brenner and his bow and arrow.
Cayden and his Legos.
And Mia and her littlest pet shop.
There was breakfast pizza and home made orange juice and a nap for Mommy and Daddy.
Christmas evening we got what we thought would never come, a White Christmas! Grorgia has not seen snow on Christmas day since 1882, thats right, 128 years ago. The kids played in it for a bit and came in for some hot chocolate!
We had a great Christmas!


John and Alisa said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Santa hat pictures on the beach. That is how Christmas should be celebrated! And for Georgia not supposed to have snow.....seems like you guys get your fair share each winter! We didn't get our Christmas snow until the day after.

dtbjacobson said...

Wow What a fun trip! looks like you had a great Christmas. Luv you all!

Smith's said...

That sand castle is HUGE!!! What a beautiful beach, it looks like you guys had a great holiday season.

Team C said...

I cannot believe how much the kids have changed. My word. Your trip looked wonderful. How in the heck did Gent make a Sand castle that big? Did he steal it from the guy down the beach??Looks so fun. Next time you come West give us a holler. We are only an hour from your parents.

Julianna said...

Where did you guys stay in Florida? I need to spend my entire winter there next year!!!