Thursday, December 8, 2011

Callaway Gardens 2011

Callaway Gardens

and Fantasy in Lights
Once again we went down to Callaway Gardens for Fantasy in Lights. The Taylor family went with us this year and we all had a great time. The bird show was new this year and with owls and hawks flying over our heads it was quite the experience, and the gardens were beautiful as always. All of us in front of one of the many Christmas Trees. The crew in front of the sign stating that there were 2200 butterflies in the butterfly pavilion that day.... until Daddy entered.

Ever since one of the lounges on one of the cruises we went on was decorated in butterflies all over the walls, I have been hooked. Over the years that we have gone to the butterfly pavilion I have been infatuated with them and in the gift shop at the end they have all kinds of butterflies in frames to purchase (75$ for the cheapest one). Much to Nikki's threats, dirty looks and ultimate disapproval, this year Daddy managed to leave the pavilion with several in his pockets! As it is posted all over the place not to take anything from the pavilion, I know it was wrong but I just could not help myself!
They are truly beautiful on my wall and now I guess there are only 2197 in the butterfly pavilion! Not a great picture but this is the only one we got of the finally- The Lights!

They were amazing as always!

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