Thursday, December 15, 2011

Everything Christmas 2011

Mia is our last believer in all that is Santa. She sat on the old mans lap and asked him for an American Girl Doll, something that when the catalog came over a month ago Daddy said no way too. Well one month later who do you think walked out of the American Doll store over $200 dollars lighter!?!? Argh!!! The clothes are too cute and they have PJ's that match the dolls PJ's... give me a break!!! She also asked for a blue snow bear, lots of candy in her stocking and of all things a "helicopter"... what! She is not getting a helicopter! The "Non-believers" also pose with Santa to make their parents happy.

Christmas Cookies. Due to the animal ban by Daddy the kids are all very animal needy (I guess the "stuffed" ones are not enough). One night Mia and Mommy fed a stray cat out the front door and guess what- We now have pets! This is Cayden and Mia feeding the rascals on our front step. -Christmas Carmel- just can't seem to get them right in Georgia!We have tried and tried and re-cooked and tried, even buying a new candy thermometer and they still come out way to soft or hard as a rock. I think we will stick with the toffee. Several months back Mom made a comment of being sad that she no longer felt she knew where we lived and the kids played as we moved and all. So what better time than Christmas when your house looks its best to give those back in Utah a tour.... Here Goes- The Dining Room. The Front Room Our Family Room The Kitchen And the cool garland that Mom sent us on our upstairs banister. And as our bed rooms are a mess, the tour ends there! This is a picture of the "project" that I have been working on for the last several weeks. It started out a thing for us and has evolved into a "project" for everyone! I hope that you have all received them buy now and they look great in your homes and that you like them, I know that we do!


dtbjacobson said...

love, love, love your house! It's beautiful and looks bigger than your last one. I was hoping to see you dept 56 village... Ours is a little community of 11 now. How big is yours? Miss you guys! thanks for the tour!

The Smith's said...

Hey sucker-
The village is in the bookshelves, if you squint, you can see it! It has grown to over 20 houses and will not grow anymore. =( Too much of a good thing I guess. Post a pic of your village, we would love to see it.

Maree Allred said...

So did you ever end up walking out of the "helicopter" store with your wallet a little lighter?? :) And Gentry, you'd better be nice to those cats! BTW, love the house! :)