Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Cruise

Christmas Cruise

Another cruise you ask? Well Nikki had the time off of work and we were going to go to Charleston or Branson or some place up north. But it always works out to be cheaper for us (without airfare) to go on a cruise- so we did! It turned out to be much warmer too which I liked allot! Of the five, We had two days at sea to just sit in the warm sun in a lounge and just RELAX. It was truly a vacation!
Every one at the dinner table. As this only happened twice the entire cruise with kids choosing either friends or Camp Carnival over dinner with mom and dad, it was fun! Mimi... open your eyes! Off the ship in Key West. This was one port that Mommy was very excited to see as we have been all through the Caribbean but never to Key West. It was very clean, built up and no one heckled you to buy junk- I guess is is in the states is why, but it was so nice! Out side the Key Lime Pie Factory just resting in the warm coastal breeze. We got a very cute ornament for our tree in the shape of a slice of key lime pie- too cute! That night at dinner.... Clink! The next day in the Bahamas. This day Mia stayed with Mimi and Granddaddy and the rest of us went off to get some sun and go snorkeling. Cayden and the fish right off the pier. The water was so blue and you could see strait to the bottom. Cayden out snorkeling. We did take an underwater camera for pics this day, but to go and get them developed, who knows, do they still do that!Brenner driving the boat back to the ship. Towel Animals! As Mimi and Granddaddy passed theirs down the hall each night, we always ended up with two! Oh the joy!!! Mia, Daddy and Leo or head waiter each night for dinner. He was very good, and made the cruise so much fun. Picture time out on deck! The sunset picture. Thanks for getting up from your nap Granddaddy to be our photographer! Christmas in the spectrum. Seven floors of garland, it was very pretty! The last day it even snowed inside this area and we all sang Christmas Carols, very fun!

Oh- all great things do come to an end and being that this was the 24th of December we needed to get home for Christmas! See ya later!

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Maree Allred said...

What fun! Love the sunset picture--you always have to get one of those. :)