Saturday, March 10, 2012


You all heard the story of how Mia and her brothers adopted two stray cats several months back. Well one of them kept getting bigger and bigger and we decided she must be pregnant. So Daddy put a box and a blanket on the front porch several weeks back thinking that a stray would never use such a spot and guess what- SHE DID! On Cayden's Birthday she (Socks) gave birth to four little kittens in Daddy's Box! They are very cute and as you can tell from the look on Mia's face, She is very excited. Now she not only gives them food but milk as well. We can't argue with her, the mommy needs milk!


Anonymous said...

Cute kittens!!! I'll bet they all do not go to the humane society? Can't wait to see you all---I'm SO excited for April 3rd. Mia, if you have room bring your doll to play with your cousins. Love Grams

Kenzy said...

Those kittens are so cute! Your kids look like they are in love with them from the pictures. Fun!