Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pine Wood Derby 2012

Well it is here again, the annual Pine Wood Derby!

Mommy and Cayden getting his Wolf Badge and other awards.
Cayden at the end of the track waiting for the cars to come down.

In the end his car came in 5th out of 19, so not to bad I guess, but next year we hope to take it all! He had a great time and that is all that matters I guess. Ya can't win them all!

Great Job Cayden!

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Maree Allred said...

Good job, Cayden! This was the first year in awhile that we haven't had to do a Pinewood Derby car. Of course, I still had to be there because I'm over scouts in Primary, but it was so very nice not to have to worry about building a car. I can enjoy that for at least one more year until Colin is old enough...