Sunday, May 27, 2012

-The 1st Summer Trip-
Decatur Alabama
 The first trip happened a week early as Daddy was online planning out the summer and found the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival was over Memorial Day weekend and could not pass up such a great opportunity!  65 Hot Air Balloons in the air all at the same time!  Are you kidding me!
 The Kids in front of Transformers "Bumble Bee" at the antique auto show earlier in the day.
 Inside- yes, inside a balloon laying on the ground filled with cool air from a big fan.  It was very cool and just massive looking from that view!
 The kids, the Balloons and some cool treats.
 The "Balloon Glow" at dusk, very beautiful!  The black one you see in the center is the one we were inside of earlier.
 The next morning and the "Balloon Release".  No matter how hard I tried, I could not ever get them all in the camera shot, far too many balloons over way to much sky. 
Simply amazing!
 Although all the kids thoroughly enjoyed it all, Brenner is a bit older and appreciated the whole thing a bit more.  This was one of his favorites.
A picture of one of Daddy's favorites, and it actually landed about 30 or so feet from where we were standing taking it all in to deflate and roll up.  Fun to watch!
What a fun beginning to hopefully a great summer!
More stuff and Southern States to come so stay posted-

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The Kipper Family said...

I love hot air balloons!!! I have always wanted to ride in one. I am sure it was beautiful! We are hopefully going to a hot air balloon festival in October in MS. Maybe yall could meet us there?