Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2nd Summer Trip- Tennessee

Summer Trip #2
In front of Fall Creek Falls.
The largest falls this side of the Rockies falling 256 feet, they were truly amazing.
Fall Creek Falls
Cane Creek Falls- These falls (actually a cascade) were very beautiful as well.  The kids played, swam, caught tadpoles and had allot of fun at the top of these falls.  There was also a suspension bridge just above the falls that was great fun to bounce on.
Tennessee BBQ- Tangy, Smoky and Sweet- what could be better!
Brenner and His Tadpoles
The Kids on the hike to the bottom of the falls.  We had lunch down at the bottom and a lot of fun swimming and just sitting in the mist of the falls.
Brenner holding a millipede and Mia holding herself.  There are no bathrooms at the bottom!
Cumberland Caverns is a cave that is over 28 miles in length.  We walked through about a mile and a half and it was very cool- literaly, the temperature inside is a cool 56 degrees all the time.
In front of "Mobby Dick", a formation that looked like a whale.
A toad that Cayden found in the back seat of the car after picking up some fire wood- Rib it!
The Kids panning for gems and all sorts of good stuff!
Three Little Spelunkers! Too Cute!
The kids and fire flies in a bottle.  There were hundreds of these little buggers at dusk, very pretty at night.
Cool Treats!
The kids playing (rough housing) in the camper.  Forts and bombs with the pillows and blankets.
The fire at night. Very pretty the second night with the flames in green, blue, pink and purple.  We found a neat new "Magic" fire pouch at the general store, very cool!

We had so much fun in Tennessee!
The kids kept asking if we can come back next year but Daddy has other plans, maybe some time soon.  The Lake House in Georgia is next and then on to the beach in Florida- The Trek moves on!


The Kipper Family said...

Looks like so much fun! Sounds like yall have a very busy summer planned out. Can't wait to see yall soon.

Anonymous said...

wow! that looks so fun! brings back fun memories of our trailer days (loved south hills trip) I laughed out loud about the Mia holding herself picture!! poor thing!

Anonymous said...

that was Tara's post by the way!

Anonymous said...

Tadpoles and millipedes and toads and fireflies--oh my---such fun.I love the miners hat picture (tradition lives on). Gent, do you remember the fireflies at Nauvou? (Dad's nose trick) Looks like the most fun is ruff-house in the camper? Couldn"t reach Mia on her B-day. Hope she liked Ellie as much as Krissa liked hers? Love you. Is Yellowstone NEXT year? Which month? LOVE and KISSES--Grams

Maree Allred said...

Wow, beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great time!!